Screening: Shanghai, Waiting for Paradise

Screening Sunday 30th March, 2008

Shanghai, Waiting for Paradise is a moving story about life inside the home, minds and hearts of 3 generations of Chinese living under one roof in the old city of Shanghai, who are suddenly confronted by the imminent demolition of their home.

Over a 5-year period, Sylvie Levey filmed the intimacy of these seemingly ordinary Chinese people, whose realm is confined to a few square meters on a street corner. A world within a world condemned to vanish through unavoidable modernization globalization.

This 92-minute film is an intimate exploration of this unique and fragile transition…

A rare window into the psyche of the common men and women in China – most of whom are undergoing massive changes, and upon which all eyes will be focused in the summer of 2008.

Directed by Sylvie Levey
Length: 92 mins