THIRD PARTY: Revolution uplo@ded

Talk June 2, 2011 7:00 PM

Organised by BBC Arabic.

Followed by a panel discussion chaired by Zein Tawfik presenter of BBC Arabic Question Time.


The film’s producer Ahmed Zaky;

Mohamed Hani, blogger and political editor at London-based pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat;


Ms Nesreen Salem, blogger;

Ms Noha Atef, Blogger.


At a secret rendezvous on the Tunisian border, a young man hands over to Libyan rebels a crate of medical supplies. He’s hoping for a precious cargo in return – memory cards and small video tapes that he will upload to the internet and show the world what is happening inside the Libyan capitol, Tripoli. In the revolutions of 2011, these are the new weapons of the internet age.

BBC Arabic sets out to explore the global information and communication revolution that has helped ferment real revolts, and pull down regimes across the Arab World.

We meet the Tunisian who uploaded the very first video from Sidi Bouzid. In Cairo, a protester learns from a Facebook friend in Tunisia how to use Pepsi against the effects of tear gas, while in Los Angeles an American group provides round the clock web support to keep the voices of the protesters heard. We will introduce you to a new global ‘network’ of protest, and a generation who have learned to use the power of their online connections to make sure they will never be silenced.