Screening: No Plan, No Peace

Screening Monday 25th February, 2008

How did the US and British governments come to invade Iraq with no post-war plan? And how did they get just about everything wrong in their assumptions about what would follow? These are the issues explored by John Ware in No Plan, No Peace as he talks to some of the key figures in both administrations.

What becomes apparent is how wrong analysts had been in thinking that freedom from Saddam would be embraced by the Iraqi people. Nor did they foresee how quickly the Iraqis would come to see freedom as occupation.

Gen Jay Garner, Maj Gen Tim Cross, Jerry Bremer, Sir Jeremy Greenstock and Gen Sir Mike Jackson – all key players in the post-war plan – give interviews, lifting the lid on what was happening behind the scenes during the chaos that rapidly engulfed the country.

‘In retrospect, it is clear to me that the mission was impossible.’ – Rory Stewart (Coalition Provisional Authority)

Length: 50 mins
Producer: Fiona Blair
Co-Producer: Mike Rudin
Reporter: John Ware