Screening: In Prison My Whole Life


This film follows 25-year-old William Francome’s investigation into the arrest of Mumia Abu Jamal, famed death-row prisoner and award-winning Black Panther journalist.

Francome, born on the day of Mumia’s 1981 arrest, engages intellectuals, writers and musicians in an effort to expose the truth about justice in America for black activists in general and Mumia in particular.

The energetic, poetic and deeply moving interviews of Alice Walker, Noam Chomsky, Mos Def, Snoop Dogg and Steve Earle raise questions about the repercussions and damage of racial injustice not only to those targeted, but to the American culture itself. And most pointedly the film asks, what does it signify that Americans are still determined to put to death potential leaders and powerful political voices of the African-American culture.

Sundance Festival Selection 2008

Directed by Marc Evans
Produced by Livia Giuggioli Firth and Nick Goodwin Self
Written by Marc Evans
Based on an idea by William Francome and Katie Green
Length: 93 mins

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