Screening: Colombia – Promises and Bullets

Screening Sunday 1st June, 2008

Colombia is a country embroiled in a violent and bloody civil war, but what are the roots of this conflict and who should be held accountable? The media and the government state that guerrilla groups, particularly the FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, are responsible for the violence and its social and economic costs. ‘Colombia : Promises and Bullets’ charts the history of Colombia ‘s war, from its humble origins to one of the most protracted and violent conflicts Latin America has ever seen.

By exposing the role of the guerrilla, paramilitary groups, the army and the Colombian government, the film illustrates the full magnitude and complexity of Colombia ‘s war. The film gets a first hand account of the FARC’s objectives, structure and ideology through exclusive interviews with its leaders who explain why the guerrilla refuses to give up its armed struggle.

The film also analyses the role of the Colombian government and questions its ability and readiness to broker a real and lasting peace and finally it offers a space for ordinary citizens to speak about the conflict and how it affects them.”

Since the making of the documentary, Raul Reyes, leader of the FARC, was killed in his sleep by the Colombian army during an illegal bombing in Ecuadorian territory. The bombing has led to the current diplomatic crisis between Colombia and Ecuador.

Director: Monica del Pilar Uribe Marin
Length: 57 mins