Screening at the Curzon Soho – Deliver Us From Evil

Talk Sunday 9th September, 2007

Deliver Us From Evil is the story of Father Oliver O’Grady, the most notorious paedophile in the history of the modern Catholic Church.

O’Grady used his charm and authority to violate dozens of faithful Catholic families across Northern California for more than two decades.

Over the years, O’Grady successfully exploited mothers and fathers in order to gain access to their children. Church documents prove that since 1973, he carried out this abuse with the full knowledge of his superiors.

Deliver Us From Evil filmmaker, Amy Berg tracked down Father O’Grady and persuaded him to participate in the making of her film.

O’Grady’s account of his years in various Northern California parishes is chilling and his story is told without remorse or self-reflection.

Duration: 116 mins
Directed and Produced by: Amy Berg