Screening: At Home with Terror Suspects

Screening Monday 16th April, 2007

This is the story of a group of alleged Al-Qaeda operatives who spent years in Belmarsh prison without ever being convicted of a crime. They now live under partial house arrest. To tell their side of the story these men, officially known by letters of the alphabet, were given cameras to make their own video diaries.

This documentary is a remarkable account of desperation and farce at the heart of British national security policy.

These men have never been convicted but are forced to live under stringent rules that prohibit their possessing mobile phones or arranging to meet people not vetted by the Home Office.

The regulations, however, allow them to mix freely with worshippers at their local mosques or talk to anyone they meet by accident.

Detainee ‘AA’, for example, is allowed to travel between three London tube stations, a bus garage and a shopping mall.

“If I wanted to, it would be easy for me to bomb or commit an act of terrorism”, says the Algerian born detainee whose real name is Mouloud Sihali.