Screening and discussion: Unreported World – Egypt’s Rubbish People

Screening Monday 3rd March, 2008

This startling film exposes a dark side to Egypt that the authorities don’t want foreigners to see. Reporter Evan Williams and director James Brabazon went to a Cairo ghetto to film a secretive society of around 40,000 people who literally live in rubbish, overrun by rats and disease.

This group is unique for another reason. They’re part of Muslim Egypt’s Christian minority; a community claiming to be besieged by persecution, extremism and a creeping Islamisation in Egypt’s security services.

The programme highlights one the most sensitive issues faced by some of those in Egypt – their decision to convert to Christianity – a decision that some Muslims believe should be punishable by death under a strict interpretation of Sharia religious law.

Length: 25 mins
Produced by: Quicksilver Media for Channel 4