Screening – War Child

Screening March 21, 2011 7:00 PM

Over 1,300 people were killed, many of them children, when the Israeli Defence Force unleashed its 22-day campaign against Hamas in December 2008.

War Child shows us some of the child survivors living in the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of that conflict. Many of them suffered horrific injuries and also lost family and friends during Operation Cast Lead.

Surrounded by rubble, unable to rebuild their lives, the children grapple with thoughts of revenge, retaliation, and loss as well as their disabilities. The film gives a voice to those whose lives were changed forever through the tragedy of war.

Directed by Jezza Neumann
Produced by Brian Woods
A True Vision TV production

“…Intensely shocking sequel to last year’s Children of Gaza… Filmed with admirable understatement by Jezza Neumann.” Evening Standard, 15.02.11

” It’s brilliantly done, stark and beautifully shot.” Guardian, 16.02.11

“The human cost of war is brought into sharp focus in this haunting documentary from Bafta-Award winner Jezza Neumann.” Metro, 15.02.11