FULLY BOOKED Screening – The Trouble with Pirates

Screening FULLY BOOKED Screening - The Trouble with Pirates September 2, 2010 7:00 PM

The Trouble with Pirates is a revealing look at how a small group of men in speedboats have come to threaten world trade in the Indian Ocean and the human cost of their actions.

The film follows four people who have found their lives forever altered by piracy: a Somali exile returning home to discover the effect of the pirates on the country; a hostage abducted by pirates in the Indian Ocean who lost everything; a shipping lawyer trying to cope with the pirates ever-increasing demands for money; and a pilot in the EU Piracy task force stretched to its limit trying to protect ships in nearly 2 million square miles of ocean.

This film shows the danger of leaving a country to collapse. After 20 years of being ignored, pirate attacks have put Somalia back on the world map. With unique access it tells the story of the piracy explosion from within the coastal towns of war-torn Somalia, the boardrooms of the City of London, the operation hubs on board warships in the Gulf of Aden and the heartbreak of a hostage situation gone wrong.

Directoed by James Rogan
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