Screening – Shooting Poverty

Screening January 31, 2011

The Frontline Club is proud to present three independently produced short docs exposing the true cost of armed violence on people living in poverty in Burundi, India and Brazil. The films were produced with support from Oxfam and Drewstone Production as part of the “Shooting Poverty” film competition. Young directors were asked to submit their film ideas in the form of a written treatment and three finalists were selected to receive hands-on production support. This is the result.

The films are:

April 6th, Directed by Chandam Netraj, Manipur, India
Renu, a 28 year-old widow in India, transforms her life from the desperate situation of being labeled the wife of a “terrorist” to becoming a community leader fighting for the rights of widows of gun violence.

Grosso Calibre, Directed by Guilherme Arruda, Ludmila Curi, Thiago Vieira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The music and lyrics of forbidden funk star MC Smith shows the reality of life for people in Rio’s favelas, surviving drug fuelled gang and police violence. The film is set in the infamous Complexo de Alemao which reached global headlines during the police-gang showdown in November.

Bang For Your Buck, Directed by Seth Chase, Brice Blondel, Bujumbura, Burundi
In a post conflict Burundi a grenade costs the same as bottle of beer. Journalist Teddy Mazina follows the stories behind the headlines of never-ending explosive lethal attacks.