FULLY BOOKED Liberation Season: Screening – Kabul at Work

Screening September 10, 2010 7:00 PM

The news media generally focuses on the conflict in Afghanistan. Guns, bombs and Taliban are the images that we associate with this wartorn country.

Three decades of violence and suffering have affected everyone living there. In spite of this, most people are simply trying to get on with their daily business.

Kabul is now a bustling capital city with a population of about 4 million and despite the worsening security situation, a small number of women are back in the workplace.

This film features four ordinary and extraordinary men and women – a General, a sweetmaker, a taekwondo champion and a bone-setter – through one day of Kabul at Work.


Director: Oliver Englehart
Producers: Oliver Englehart & David Gill
Executive Producers: Dominique Young & Ingrid Falck
Assistant Producer: Wahid Frough
Editor: Keith Lynch
Editor’s translator: Maryam Omar
Commissioning Editor: Flora Gregory

A Kabul: A City at Work production for Al Jazeera.