Screening – Justice for Sergei

Screening March 14, 2011 7:00 PM

Justice for Sergei is the harrowing story of Sergei Magnitksy, a Russian lawyer thrown in jail and tortured by the very officials he was prosecuting. Held in a pre-trial detention without being formally charged, and denied access to medical care for six months, Sergei continued to fight the government while refusing to perjure himself before he died in detention.

Justice for Sergei highlights the underlying current of corruption, brutality, and a lack of transparency gripping the Russian political system today. Despite Sergei’s intense commitment to whistleblowing these issues, his death is a shocking reminder of the political oppression still present in Dmitry Medvedev’s Russia.
A year after Sergei Magnitksy’s death, Justice for Sergei explores the opinions of officials, family members, and the true story of what happened to Sergei as the investigation into the circumstances of his imprisonment come to light. Without any names released to point the finger of blame to, Justice for Sergei examines courage in the face of overwhelming power, privilege, and destruction.
Directed by Hans Hermans & Martin Maat
62 minutes
The Netherlands