Screening: Dishonourable Killings

Screening Monday 29th March, 2010

A hard-hitting documentary featuring unprecedented access to Kurdish communities in Southeast Turkey: Dishonorable Killings includes exclusive interviews with women who have been forced into hiding after surviving attempts on their life and candid testimonies from men who are willing to kill their wives, daughters and sisters if they bring dishonour upon their  family.

The film also tells the story of a young Kurdish woman who takes a stand against these deadly practices, exploring the weight of tradition and community pressure pitted against the extraordinary courage of real-life women struggling for independence and equality.


Format and Duration: PAL, 26 minutes


Producer/Director:  Richard Wolf

Camera:  Richard Wolf, Patricia Gomes

Local Producer:  Gulay Karhan

Research:  Patricia Gomes

Music:  Terry Devine-King

Translations:  Muge Hale, Kamal Soleimani