Screening – Fighting Passions

Screening Monday 22nd June, 2009

Fighting Passions gets behind the clichés of warfare to uncover shockingly honest accounts from the frontline.

For us, it’s a crime. For them, it’s a job. For all the divisions between civilians and soldiers, there is one defining line – the act of killing.

And soldiers who’ve done it, famously don’t talk about it. But in this remarkable film, five former British infantrymen open up in compelling and candid detail.

Through powerful personal testimonies, ‘Fighting Passions‘ traces the career paths of these men from young recruits through training and frontline combat, to where killing has left them today. 

Sidestepping the familiar themes of horror and grief, the film explores a side of war we hear less about – exhilaration.

From Northern Ireland and the Falklands to Iraq and Afghanistan today, from private to officer, all five men reflect honestly and thoughtfully on the elation of the battlefield.