Screening – Children of the Amazon

Screening Thursday 19th November, 2009

The expectant, innocent gazes of the beautiful, brown-eyed children of the Surui and Negarote tribes look out from photographs Brazilian filmmaker Denise Zmekhol took some 15 years ago. Now, as these captivating images lure her back to the rainforest to see what has become of this young generation of indigenous Amazonians, she is stunned by the dramatic changes in their way of life. As massive deforestation wreaks havoc on their land, the now-grown children of once isolated tribes awkwardly straddle the worlds of their native traditions and of ever-encroaching Western civilization. Tribal leaders walk a treacherous line between economic survival and sustaining the legacy of cultural-environmental preservation of activists like Chico Mendes, who risked his life to forge an alliance between indigenous people and the rubber tappers that use the forest for their livelihoods. Haunting music and lush cinematography beautifully render this life-and-death story that, ultimately, affects the entire planet.



The Accolade Film Awards: Best Film- USA
Award of Excellence: Cinematography – USA
Honorable Mention: Original Score, song – USA
Honorable Mention: Content Message – USA 
The Indie Fest Award: Best film
Link TV Award for Outstanding Environmental Documentary Film –DC, USA
Jules Verne Award for Best Picture – Paris, France
Jules  Verne Youth Choice Award- Paris, France