Screening – Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff

Screening September 29, 2010 7:00 PM

In this unique insight into his life and work, Cameraman reveals how Jack Cardiff elevated Technicolor photography to an art form and made history with his groundbreaking vision and technical wizardry in A Matter Of Life And Death,The Red Shoes, The African Queen and many, many other productions.

Martin Scorsese guides us through Jack’s films, explaining why they had such a dramatic and personal impact on him and his peers. “I began to have a very strong affinity towards British cinema because of my recognition of Jack’s name.”

Scorsese personally oversaw the recent restoration of The Red Shoes, a film he first saw when he was eight years old. “I wouldn’t know how to begin to explain what this film has meant to me over the years. It’s about the joy and exuberance of film-making itself… one of the true miracles of film history.”

Director Craig McCall avoids the use of voiceover in the film, relying on those who made the movies to tell Jack’s story. Featuring unique interviews with over twenty of the world’s greatest actors, directors and technicians, Cameraman is not only a valuable testimony to British and international cinema history; it’s an informative and sometimes humorous one too — an amazing story about an exceptional life.

Directed by Craig McCall
86 mins