UK Premiere: Screening – Awra Amba

Screening Friday 5th March, 2010

This is the remarkable story of a rural Ethiopian community founded in 1980 that is lauded around the world as a model for a just society.

Founded by Zumra Nuru, an illiterate Ethiopian farmer, with 19 other people who shared his vision, the community is driven by the belief that there is a way out of poverty, hunger and inequality simply by working hard, reversing traditional values and getting rid of lengthy religious practices.

The film follows Zibad, a young woman who has just arrived in the village, seeking refuge with her five children after a violent marriage, and her attempt to join the community. Her mother Zeinab, the village’s teahouse-keeper is at the heart of all social events – through her story we discover the every day challenges the community faces through interaction with outsiders who come in for tea and a chat.

Finally the founder and leader, Zumra Nuru takes us on a journey to the past where he recounts how he as a young man left his home and family to try and change women’s lives for the better in Ethiopia. His revolutionary vision was often met with hostility – and until this day – he still needs round-the-clock protection by an armed guard due to decades of hatred and death threats.

This is story of belief in a better, more equal world where humans don’t have to suffer, but live in peace and harmony.

Duration: 28 minutes
Write This Down Productions, UK