Screening – Anna: Seven Years on the Frontline

Screening Wednesday 22nd April, 2009

Anna Politkovskaya, an observer of the Novaya Gazeta ("New newspaper") was killed on 7th of October, 2006 in the hall of her apartment building. Many people believe that this murder was connected to her professional activities.

The film tells us about last seven years of Anna’s life, the period that she had worked for the Novaya Gazeta. The film includes archive and documentary materials from Chechnya war, excerpts of Anna’s speech at the first conference of the coalition "Other Russia" in 2006, and interviews with her colleagues and friends.

The film opened the 10th International cinema forum Amnesty International in Netherlands and got an award. It has also been shown in Mexico, Brazil, Poland and Ukraine.

Frontline in Russia has been screening this film in Russian cities.

As the author stated in one of her interviews, "I don’t choose where to show the film, I’m very glad that you’ve shown your interest towards it. I think that it doesn’t matter where one was born, what matters is that problems with human rights defense are common for everyone. That’s why people react to this film in the same way, be it in Latin America or in Europe".

Directed by Masha Novikova
78 mins