Screening – Angels of Rio

Screening Thursday 21st May, 2009

A unique filmic blend of documentary observation and re-enactment, Angels of Rio is a film about corruption, violence and generational change in Brazil today.
Detective Bechara Jahlk is the most famous private eye in Brazil. Together with his young female team, agents Tania, Julia and Natasha, they are specialized in investigating “corporate crime”.

A new client, Alberto, comes to Bechara’s office with a case. The 68 year old man owns an import-export company; he’s a divorced workaholic and a truly self-made man.

He noticed that some goods have disappeared from his company, and the police investigation which is going on seems to suspect a link between his import-export business and drug-trafficking in Rio’s harbour. Alberto fears that his son Luiz might be involved.

At 26 and loaded with cash, Luiz is living on the fast lane while enjoying the advantages of being a junior executive in his dad’s company.

Alberto hires detective Bechara to solve the case internally as he doesn’t wish the story to go public.
Bechara will employ his “angels”, Natasha, Julia and Tania to infiltrate Luiz’s social network.

Equipped with mini-camera, video transmitters, and other more sophisticated electronic devices, they explore all possible tracks.  While following Luiz with the girls, we get to approach what lies beneath the surface of the sunny place, filmed by the “angels” secret cameras, as well as the personal motivations of the team for doing this job.

60 mins
Directed by Rodrigo Vasquez
Bethnal Films Ltd