NEW Screening – Afghanistan in the UK

Screening August 31, 2010 7:00 PM

Afghanistan in the UK is the latest film from the media company VICE, renowned for their different approach to stories, and one which is rarely without controversy.

With this new film they have travelled to STANTA training camp in East Anglia which is designed to exactly replicate army strongholds in Afghanistan. Encountering recruits as young as 18 and ex-pat Afghanis and Gurkhas currently employed by the army to act as Afghani citizens, Taliban and suicide bombers, their cameras follow the day to day life of army training.

The film shows the gruelling recuitment training process and scenarios ranging from discussions held between Commanding Officers and local elders to heavy mortar fire and suicide bombers.

This is an insight into the training process recruits endure before they are ready to face combat, showing the mental and physical strength expected of each soldier. Afghanistan in the UK is a different perspective on the understanding of warfare.

The film’s producer, Andy Capper of VICE, said: “We were told that the next time we slept in a bed would be five days away. Then we were thrown head first into four 36-hour back-to-back missions that were some of the most exhausting and gruelling things that I have ever been on. Despite that, it was a really fun trip. I hope the men and women who let us into their world for a week like the film we made.”

30 mins