Screening – A Perfect Soldier

Screening March 18, 2011 7:00 PM
A Perfect Soldier follows Aki Ra, a young man who once worked for the violent Khmer Rouge as a child soldier. During the decades of Cambodia’s oppression, Aki Ra handled land mines, guns, and carried out heinous acts handed down from his superiors in hopes of praise.
Thirty two years after the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror began, Aki Ra now works to undo the damage he did as a child by disabling some of the thousands of land mines that still ravage Cambodia’s countryside.
 In a tale of redemption, rebirth, and hope, A Perfect Soldier confronts the terrifying history of child soldiers in the Khmer Rouge, and the attempts now being undertaken to heal wounds fresh and old.
Directed by John Severson
56 minutes
United States

OS Cinequest San Diego
Laureate Prize Cinema Verite Paris