Screening: Shorts at the Frontline Club

Screening Monday 6 June 2016, 7:00 PM

Join us for an evening of short documentaries from different parts of the world, covering a wide range of topics. Shorts at the Frontline Club showcases moving, striking and funny films, exploring the diverse faces of documentary filmmaking.

The evening will include short stories capturing the essence of big issues, films showing life in other parts of the world under difficult or extraordinary circumstances, and stories focusing on remarkable individuals.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with In the Valley of Guns and Roses director Simon Hipkins.

Full lineup to be announced soon.

Director: Hardik Mehta
2016 / 29 min / India

Set during the kaleidoscopic backdrop of the biggest kite-flying festival in India, this stunning film witnesses the transformation of an 11-year-old Zaid from a boy next door to an aggressive and a passionate kite-runner – until he comes across a challenge that threatens to keep him away from the one thing he loves.

Famous in Ahmedabad

Director: Simon Hipkins
2016 / 25 min / UK

In the heart of Bulgaria’s Rose Valley, single mother Irina is desperate to give her four-year-old daughter, Stefi, a better start in life. Her main source of income comes from her dangerous work at a weapons factory where she measures and packs gunpowder into artillery shells.

In the Valley of Guns and Roses

Director: Alex Mallis
2016 / 7 min / USA

A Cuban skateboarder and artist must reconcile looming changes and a nascent free-market economy with his desire to continue operating his tattoo shop – currently illegal in Havana.

The New Che of Havana

Director: Gemma Atkinson and Fred Grace
2013 / 8 min / Colombia, UK

In 1989, the Kogi tribe of Colombia opened their doors to a BBC documentary film crew. Their intention was to send us a warning that if we continued to live our lives the way we do, the destruction of the planet was assured. 25 years later, Shooting the Tribe takes us back into the jungle of the Sierra Nevada, to understand why it is they, not us, whose way of life has changed.

Shooting the Tribe Shorts page

Directors: Jenna Belhumeur, Elena Boffetta
2015 / 13 min / United States

BACK focuses on the hidden aspects of long-term confinement through the eyes of Otis Johnson, who was incarcerated for over 40 years. The documentary explores what re-entry means for inmates who are released in a society that has drastically changed over several decades.

Short Films_BACK