Retrospective Season: Listen Whitey and Detroit ’67

Screening Monday 11th January, 2010
As part of our retrospective season Leslie Woodhead presents two films from the World in Action series.
Shot over the traumatic weekend following the death of Martin Luther King in April 1968, the film hears from angry and eloquent black witnesses in New York and curfew-bound Washington about the state of America. 
Speaking about the film’s making, Leslie says: "It was my unforgettable first visit to the States, at a moment of national crisis. I flew back with the rushes during Sunday night, and edited the film for transmission on Monday evening. We finished with 5 minutes to spare."
Shot  in the aftermath of black uprisings in major American cities, the film focusses on Detroit where serious violence erupted in the summer of 1967.
The film was made by World in Action’s American-based Producer John MacDonald with his remarkable 2 man crew, who were pioneering the use of lightweight film technology for current affairs TV.