Reflections: Richard Sambrook

Talk Tuesday 23rd February, 2010

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In the first Reflections of the year Richard Sambrook will look back on his 30-year career at the BBC  before his scheduled departure later this year.  Currently Director of the BBC’s Global News division, Richard Sambrook has worked on some of the major stories of the past three decades.

As a senior producer for the Nine O’Clock News he worked on the coverage of the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and co-ordinated the coverage of the war in Bosnia. Fourteen years later as Director of News in 2003 he defended the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme story claiming Tony Blair’s government had exaggerated claims over Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and later gave evidence to the Hutton Inquiry. 

Richard Sambrook will be discussing the stories and people who have shaped his career with Vin Ray, director of the BBC College of Journalism