SOLD OUT Reflections: Jon Snow

Talk July 19, 2010 8:20 PM

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In the fifth of this series Vin Ray, former BBC executive will be in conversation with Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow who will be reflecting on his career and the events and journalism that has influenced him.

Jon Snow is  best known for being the face of Channel 4 News, which he has been presenting since 1989. But his career has taken him around the world from Afghanistan to Zanzibar and the major events he has covered over the years, include the release of Nelson Mandela, who he has also interviewed and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Other interviews include the writer Arundhati Roy and former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Having begun his career as a radio journalist with LBC, Jon Snow has covered every UK election since 1974 and every US election since 1980. He began his career on 16mm film and now works on digital, the blogosphere and twitter. He argues we are entering the Golden Age of journalism.