POSTPONED Reflections: Allan Little

Talk Wednesday 23rd September, 2009

In association with the BBC College of Journalism, the Frontline Club is bringing top journalists who are expert in their field and craft, to talk about their stories and the journalism that have shaped their careers.
In the first of this inspiring new series Vin Ray, director of the BBC College of Journalism, will be in conversation with BBC special correspondent Allan Little.

Allan Little has worked for the corporation since 1983 when he joined BBC Scotland. After a spell on local radio news he joined BBC Radio 4’s Today programme before joining BBC News in 1990.
The award-winning journalist reported extensively on the conflict in Yugoslavia over a period of four years and was in Baghdad during the Gulf War in 1991. His first foreign posting was to Johannesburg as South Africa correspondent after which he embarked on a two-year stint as Moscow correspondent in 1997, covering a period of political and economic upheaval for the Yeltsin regime.
Allan Little has won several awards including a Gold Sony Radio Award for Reporter of the Year in 1992 and in 1994 he was named the Bayeux War Correspondent of the Year.

Vin Ray is the director of its new College of Journalism and former deputy head of newsgathering for the BBC


Photo: BBC World Service