Preview Screening: The Deadline

Screening Friday 27th February, 2009

As the world’s fish stocks fall year by year the Life of the Ocean is further threatened by a new breed of pirate. Lured by an $80 billion industry and operating without licenses these pirates are ravaging fishing grounds with illegal nets and catching fish before they can even breed. Most shocking of all these illegal vessels use official European Union boxes to smuggle their catch to shore.

Over the course of a year, award-winning filmmaker Phil Stebbing followed the environmental organization Greenpeace as they tracked down a fleet of pirates trawling the rich and unprotected fishing grounds of West Africa.

With rarely seen footage The Deadline unravels this international pirate scam from the moment fish are caught by unhygienic rusting trawlers to their mid sea transshipments and the journey to the Spanish port of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. Here the fish neatly packed in official EU labeled boxes travels to European markets for consumer’s dinner plates with no one the wiser it has been stolen from some of the poorest people on the planet.

Far more than a documentary, The Deadline highlights the role we all have to play in replenishing the Oceans fish stocks and a powerful wake-up call to protect fish stocks before time runs out.

For the Q&A will be director Phil Stebbing, Pete Bouquet, the captain of the Greenpeace ship who sailed on the original Rainbow Warrior in the 1970’s and Sustainable Fisheries expert Cat Dorey.

To carry this call beyond the UK, Phil Stebbing will be outlining how The Lifeline Project will be sending 9 film makers on an epic 18,000 mile journey with a mission to create an audio visual digital ark – The Lifeline – to link up and support the matrix of people and communities developing sustainable solutions to save Life on Planet Earth.

Length: 52 mins
Directed by Phil Stebbing