Preview Screening: Inside Hamas FULLY BOOKED

Screening Sunday 10th February, 2008

December 2007 marked 20 years since the founding of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas. Inside Hamas seeks to clear away some of the myths and tackle the hard truths about Hamas as it tries to run its own proto-state in Gaza – excluded from the official Palestinian peace process and starved of political contact by the West.
Filmed over two years and with unprecedented access to the heart of Hamas, this production looks at the organisation at a crucial time in its history. Inside Hamas interviews many of the leading local players, including the organisation’s exiled leader, Khaled Mish’al; its surviving founder, Abdel Fatah el Doghan; Gaza’s Military Commander, Abu Omar; female Hamas MP, Huda Naim; and former Gaza Israeli Defence Forces commander, Nissim Levy.
The film asks whether Hamas wants peace with Israel. Starved of funding and without an international voice, how can Hamas build a state? If the West will not engage Hamas, what are the consequences? Can a militant organisation, dubbed terrorists by much of the western world, move from international pariah to meaningful political player?
The director, Rodrigo Vazquez, has filmed in Gaza many times; credits include the award-winning film “The Killing Zone” (2003).
Director – Rodrigo Vazquez
Producer – Mike Chamberlain
Production Company – Stampede