Preview Screening: Bulletproof Salesman

Screening Monday 10th November, 2008

“Everyone lives by selling something” – Robert Louis Stevenson

It’s March 2003, Iraq, and Fidelis Cloer is a businessman in search of the perfect war. In fact he’s going out of his way to find trouble so that he can sell armoured cars to the military and aid organisations attempting to restore some order to the chaotic capital. Along with several colleagues and an arsenal of small arms fire to help them on the way, Cloer, you may have guessed is no ordinary salesman.

Director Michael Tucker rides with Cloer on the way to Baghdad in this revealing portrayal of one of the Iraq war’s profiteers. Surprisingly funny, the film casts Cloer as a David Brent style businessman, going to extraordinary lengths for a deal even if it means sitting in the armoured car whilst a potential client lets loose at it with a machine gun.

Initially frustrated at the lack of business in Baghdad, Cloer’s war picks up as the insurgency starts to kick in, but will he make enough money to beat his competitors and will he find new markets for his products?

Length: 70 mins
Written, Produced and Directed by: Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein