Preview Screening – Israel vs. Israel

Screening June 20, 2011 7:00 PM

Israel vs Israel is the incredibly story of the divisive politics in Israel and the demonisation of Jewish peace activists and campaigners as traitors.

Following the lives of a grandmother who documents abuses against Palestinians at some of the West Bank checkpoints, an ex-soldier-turned peace activist, an anarchist, and a rabbi who works to protect Palestinian farmers, the film exposes how the actions of the government unite such a disparate group of Israelis in the campaign against their country’s presence in Palestine. 

The film explores the motivations of the four activists. Despite attempts by the government to silence and discredit them, they live by the adage of being the change they want to see and continue to struggle for change and to improve the lives of Palestinians.

With the support of BBC Arabic.

Directed by Terje Carlsson
58 mins