Premiere Screening: Extraordinary Rendition – FULLY BOOKED

Screening Monday 28th January, 2008

Extraordinary Rendition is a shocking investigation into the secret programme used by the US to seize terror suspects around the world and fly them for interrogation to third countries, such as Egypt, Morocco and Syria, where torture is routine. ‘I was kidnapped on 17 February 2003, then I disappeared from history,’ one victim, Abu Omar, tells us.

Stephen Grey, reporter and author of Ghost Plane speaks to some of those arrested and subjected to rendition procedures. The US government only recently acknowledged that dozens of cases like Abu Omar’s exist, though they still claim to know little about what happens once they are turned over to the recipient countries.

This investigation also interviews former members of the FBI and US State Department who shed light on the complicity of the US government in a process that has caused outrage in many European countries.

‘I have put this programme in place for a reason. When we find somebody who  may have information regarding a potential attack on America, you bet we’re going to detain them…and you bet we’re going to question them.’ President George W Bush 5 October 2007 (New York Times)

Length: 32 mins
Produced for PBS Frontline World
Directed by Dan Edge