Political Cartoonist of the Year Awards

December 6, 2010 7:00 PM

The Political Cartoon of the Year Awards represent the very best in British cartooning. Last year’s Political Cartoonist of the Year Award was won by Peter Brookes of The Times (pictured).

The award is decided upon by a panel of cartoon experts. However, the second award of the night, the Political Cartoon of the Year, is chosen by those attending the event. Each national newspaper cartoonist submits a cartoon that they think is their best of the year.

They are then all displayed and those in attendance not only get to meet Britain’s leading cartoonists but also to vote for the one they think is the best.

The evening will begin with a 30 minute panel discussion moderated by Simon Hoggart with cartoonists Steve Bell, Dave Brown and Martin Rowson.

After the discussion the room will be open for the audience to judge the second award of the night and for the awards to be given.

Simon Hoggart is a journalist and broadcaster. He is a regular columnist for The Guardian and The Spectator.

Steve Bell is a political cartoonist for The Guardian and other publications.

Dave Brown is a political cartoonist for The Independent.

Martin Rowson is a British cartoonist and novelist. His work appears frequently in The Guardian and Independent. He also contributes regularly to The Daily Mirror, Morning Star among many others.





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