Media Talk: Pakistan, the Eye of the Storm

Talk Tuesday 15th September, 2009

Run-ins with India over allegations of terrorism, the offensive against the Taliban on its Afghan border and the fatal return of Benazir Bhutto are recent chapters in Pakistan’ turbulent history.
Owen Bennett-Jones, the BBC’s Pakistan correspondent between 1998 and 2001, will be at the Frontline Club to discuss these latest episodes in the light of the country’s troubled beginning and the key events of its 60-year history.
The presenter of Newshour and The Interview on the BBC World Service will be discussing the roots of Pakistan’s turmoil and new material in his recently updated book Pakistan: Eye of the Storm the head of the BBC’s Urdu Service, Aamer Ahmed Khan and Aamir Ghauri, a London-based journalist of Pakistani origin who has worked in senior roles at Dunya TV, an embryonic news channel in Pakistan and the country’s most-watched news channel Geo TV.
At a time when Pakistan is so central to global concerns about terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, join us to discuss the prospects of stability, which is both vital and yet so difficult to achieve in such a  religiously, ethnically and politically divided country.

Photo: Muhammad Adnan Asim courtesy of Creative Commons Licence