On the media: Digital election 2010

Talk Tuesday 16th February, 2010

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A panel discussion that will examine the impact that social media will have on the election in 2010. How will the broadcasters and newspapers use the web in this election? Will the political parties make use of techniques pioneered by Howard Dean and perfected during Barack Obama’s campaign that are said to have secured him the presidency in 2008?

Bloggers have already claimed to have challenged the cosy relationship that exists between the Westminster lobby and politicians. What difference will the use of social media make to the traditions of reporting an election?

Confirmed on the panel so far: Guido Fawkes, of Order-order.com; Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy; Chris Condron, head of digital strategy, Press Association, and Alberto Nardelli CEO and co-founder of Tweetminster.com.

Moderator: Niall Paterson, Sky News political correspondent.

A media partner for this event is Audioboo, the audio blogging service.