News Impact Summit London

Talk Friday 5 June 2015, 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

This event will take place at the Sheikh Zayed Theatre on the LSE campus in London.NewsImpactSummit

On Friday 5 June 2015, the News Impact Summit, a free of charge digital journalism conference will take place in the Sheikh Zayed Theatre on the LSE campus in London. This summit will centre on the theme – The Social Impact of Digital Storytelling – and shed a light on how digital age journalism plays a role in resulting the social impact, whether it is during the general election, natural disasters or humanitarian conflicts.

The Frontline Club has joined the international consortium of the organisers led by the European Journalism Centre, the News Lab at Google, LSE’s Polis think-tank. Participants will be offered free lunch and drinks during this event as well as a networking opportunity with the guests from the leading international and UK media outlets.

George Arnett, data journalist, The Guardian
Charlie Beckett, director, Polis at LSE
Fergus Bell, head of newsroom partnerships and innovation, SAM
Wendy Betts, director of eyeWitness, The International Bar Association
John Burn-Murdoch, data journalist, The Financial Times
Matt Cooke, European lead, News Lab at Google
Evangeline de Bourgoing, programme manager, Global Editors Network
Matthew Eltringham, editor, Journalism BBC Academy
Miranda Green, freelance journalist
Steve Herrmann, editor, BBC News Online
Rohan Jayasekara, technology hub adviser, Internews
Christoph Koettl, adviser on technology and human Rights, Amnesty International
Megan Lucero, data journalism editor, The Times and Sunday Times
Jason Mills, head of digital, ITV News
Paul Myers, researcher, BBC
Gavin Rees, director, Dart Centre Europe
Allison Rockey, engagement editor,
Wilfried Ruetten, director, European Journalism Centre
Frédérik Ruys, data journalist for ‘Netherlands from Above’, VPRO
George Sargent, producer, Thomson Reuters
Rina Tsubaki, European Journalism Centre
Julia Ziemer, Polis at LSE

Frontline Club
Amnesty International
Dart Centre Europe
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
Foreign Press Association

For further details see here or contact the organisers via [email protected]

Hashtag: #nisldn

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