Sneak Preview Screening: Inside the Saudi Kingdom – FULLY BOOKED

Screening Monday 27th October, 2008

Inside the Saudi Kingdom is a revelatory film that achieves exclusive access to the private and public life of Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud one of the 20 princes that run modern day Saudi Arabia.

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and the West is complex , highly political and yet seemingly simple. We buy their oil and they buy our arms. Since the controversial film ‘Death of A Princess’ in 1980, Western film crews have not been welcome in Saudi Arabia. At the time the British Ambassador was expelled and BA flights to Riyadh were suspended. Because of a lack of access over the last 28 years, Western media reports of Saudi Arabia have continued to build on well worn stereotypes.

From the court of the Governor of Hail, Prince Saud, with his passion for hunting in the desert with his falcons amidst Bedouin camps, to the majlis courts in the day to day running of the state this film tells the story of modern Saudi Arabia through Prince Saud’s eyes. How do they marry traditional Islamic values, bedouin traditions and modernity?  Is the constitution flexible? And what is life really like for women?

Length: 60mins
Directed by Lionel Mills