NEW: Screening – Going Postal

Screening Friday 16th October, 2009

This April marked ten years since 15 people, including the killers themselves were shot dead in one of the deadliest school massacres in American history.  

But this phenomenon of school and workplace killings has been casting a shadow on American society since the 1980s. To this day, hundreds have been killed.   

What goes through the mind of someone who sees a killing rampage as their only way out? How does this violence occur and how does a family of someone who is murdered come to terms with their loss? 

With unprecedented access to those involved, including one teenage murderer, survivors and families of those who died, GOING POSTAL seeks to answer some of these questions. 

Going further on this subject than any filmmaker before him, director Paul Tickell includes an interview with Michael Carneal who is serving a life sentence for a notorious school shooting in Kentucky when he was just 14. His raw and troubling story and those of other shootings are placed in context by interviews with those who have researched this subject in depth – from the first cluster of shootings in the 1980s in the US postal service (hence the phrase ‘going postal’) to more recent occurrences.