NEW: Media Talk: Are too many media workers dying to get the story?

Talk Wednesday 25th April, 2007

Each day fears grow for the safety of the BBC’s Alan Johnston, kidnapped in Gaza more than five weeks ago.

The international community, Palestinian leaders and scores of journalists have united to call for his release.

Frontline vigorously applauds these efforts and is concerned about the safety of local journalists, staff and freelancers.

Just a month ago Italian journalist Daniele Mastrogiacomo was kidnapped by the Taleban.

He was later released after the Afghan government reportedly freed high-ranking Taleban prisoners in a defacto exchange.

But little attention was given to the fate of Mastrogiacomo’s driver, Sayed Agha, and his translator, Ajmal Naskhbandi.

Naskhbandi was later beheaded after the Afghan government apparently refused to accord him the same favour as his Italian employer.

Our panel discusses whether enough is done to secure the freedom and safety of local staff in a world that is increasingly dangerous for all media employees.

Jon Williams – BBC World News Editor.

Najibullaz Razaq – journalist and Afghanistan analyst.

Rob Mahoney – Deputy Director of CPJ.

Kim Sengupta – covers foreign and defence stories for The Independent.

Moderated by John Owen – Chairman of Frontline Forum.

All proceeds from this event will go to support the family of Afghani journalist Ajmal Naskhbandi.