NEW – Media Talk: Zimbabwe – Where Next?

Talk Thursday 24th April, 2008

With the continued uncertainty surrounding the elections results in Zimbabwe George Alagiah (BBC) talks to returning journalists Patrick Smith, Laura Lynch as well as Tererai Karimakweda of SW Radio Africa. We discuss the problems in covering Zimbabwe so far and ask what the future may hold.

Is this the end for Mugabe? Will there be a second round and will the violence increase? Will anyone be held accountable, how will the economy be rebuilt and what role will Zimbabwe’s neighbours play?

Patrick Smith – editor of Africa Confidential
Tererai Karimakweda – journalist with SW Radio Africa, specialising in Zimbabwe. He is also former Zimbabwe correspondent for eTV, South Africa’s independent broadcaster.
Laura Lynch – Europe Correspondent, CBC News – Radio
Catherine PhilpThe Times‘ Diplomatic Correspondent, and formerly roaming Foreign Correspondent and South Asia Correspondent. She covers chiefly humanitarian and conflict issues and has reported from five continents including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as several conflicts within Africa.
George Alagiah – Presenter for BBC News and BBC World and specialist on Africa and the Developing World.