NEW – Media Talk: Boycotting China

Talk Wednesday 16th April, 2008

With recent events in Tibet raising questions about international support for the Olympics, our panel discusses the possibility of boycott.

Can the Olympics still act as a catalyst for reform in China or is its human rights record only getting worse as a result?

And will the international spotlight force China to make a long-term change in its foreign policy in Africa?

Shirong Chen is the China Editor of the BBC World Service.

Tom Porteous is the London Director of Human Rights Watch.

Simon Tisdall
is the assistant editor of The Guardian and foreign affairs columnist.

Liu Weimin is Counsellor of Press and Communications for the Chinese Embassy

Moderated by Isabel Hilton – an expert in Chinese affairs, having gained an MA in Chinese, at Edinburgh University; scholarships at the Peking Languages Institute and Fudan University, Shanghai. She has also undertaken postgraduate work on 20th century Chinese literature at Edinburgh.