Narco Wars: Screening – Dancing with the Devil

Screening Thursday 25th June, 2009
Rio de Janeiro. September, 2008. Three men stalk the gloomy back-alleys of the city’s notorious slums.

Spiderman, a 28-year-old drug lord, embarks on a routine patrol through the shadowy streets of Coréia, the sprawling slum he controls.

Inspector Leonardo Torres, a muscle-bound operative from Rio’s drug squad, inches through the alleys of another shantytown, shots ringing out around him.

And, in the midst of staggering violence, Pastor Dione, an evangelical preacher intent on ending Rio’s drug conflict, trawls the slums for lost souls while trying to broker peace among all the parties.

With unprecedented access to some of Rio’s most wanted men and the specialist police units that hunt them down and kill them, this gripping film by Oscar winner Jon Blair offers an intimate look at one of the bloodiest urban wars in the world as it unfolds in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas.



Director Jon Blair

Jon Blair is a multi award winning film and television producer and director and is the only director working in the United Kingdom who has won all three of the premiere awards in his field: an Oscar, an Emmy (twice) and a British Academy Award.
"Anne Frank Remembered", written produced and directed by Jon, is the winner of an Academy Award for Documentary Feature (“Oscar”), as well as an International Emmy, a CableACE, the International Documentary Association Distinguished Achievement Award, the Audience Award at the Amsterdam International Documentary Festival, the Jury Award at the Hamptons International Film Festival and a Gold Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival together with awards for editing and cinematography at the New York Film and Television Festival. It has also been featured at the Melbourne, Montreal and Toronto International Film Festivals (all non competitive). The film was distributed theatrically in the UK, North America and Australia.
Jon is the winner of a British Academy Award for Best Documentary for his 1983 film, "Schindler", which preceded Steven Spielberg’s feature by 10 years and was used extensively by Spielberg as a research resource. "Schindler" was narrated by Dirk Bogarde and written, produced and directed by Jon.