Members’ BookNight with Nick Davies

Talk Tuesday 12 August 2014, 7:30 PM


Following the success of our BookNight with Tim Butcher, beyond even our highest hopes, we now welcome Nick Davies, for our August event.

Nick has just published Hack Attack: How The Truth Caught Up With Rupert Murdoch, a full and startling amassment of his revelatory work for the Guardian – and more – on phone-hacking, phone-hackers and rot at the heart of British power.

It is of course a book about the entourage of an old-Etonian Prime Minister who sports his poppy on Remembrance Day while his trusted friend and cabinet appointee bugs the phones of the dead soldiers families. So it becomes also a book about all that entails: a parable about the people who rule us, and the media which infest our lives. The fetid corruption of the very fabric of British power and society.

The emerging customs will prevail: drinks at 19h00, dinner from 19h30, and we’ll get to know each other during a starter course. I’ll introduce Nick before we start the main meal in every sense, and he’ll say a few words. After which we hold a discussion – NOT a ‘Q&A’ – and, as is the premise of these gatherings, hope to leave a little drunker and a lot wiser than when we arrived.

Guests will be expected to have read the book in order to contribute to the discussion.

Very best wishes, see you there – –

Ed Vulliamy

Frontline Club BookNights

Menu £25 per person excluding drinks

Rabbit & chorizo terrine with granary toast
Smoked salmon with white crab meat & crème fraiche
Pea & watercress soup
Main Courses
Roast rump of Norfolk Lamb with courgette, mash & black olive jus
Roast cod, violet artichokes, red peppers & basil
Pumpkin & chickpea tagine with couscous & minted yogurt
Lemon & blueberry cheesecake
Dark chocolate & salted caramel tart
Eton Mess