Media Talk: Zimbabwe elections – Will Mugabe win again?

Talk Thursday 28th February, 2008

With Zimbabwean finance minister Simba Makoni challenging Robert Mugabe in the March elections, the country looks set for another political stand-off.

Our panel discusses how the upcoming elections will change the situation in this poverty- and inflation-riven country. Can things still get worse?

Christina Lamb – Sunday Times foreign affairs correspondent and also author of House of Stone, the True Story of a Family Divided in War-torn Zimbabwe.

Gugulethu Moyo – Programme Lawyer, International Bar Association and commentator on Zimbabwe.

Tererai Karimakweda – journalist with SW Radio Africa, specialising in Zimbabwe. He is also former Zimbabwe correspondent for eTV, South Africa’s independent broadcaster. 

Baffour Ankomah – editor of the British-based New African magazine. TBC.

Moderated by Adam Roberts – London-based journalist at The Economist, specialising in Africa. Former southern Africa correspondent for the publication, based in Johannesburg. He has reported from Zimbabwe several times and covered both parliamentary and presidential elections there.