Media Talk: What now after Guantanamo?

Talk Friday 8th May, 2009

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As the Obama Administration moves to shut down Guantanamo, leading American commentator Karen Greenberg,  in a wide-ranging discussion with Peter Clarke, until recently one of the UK’s most senior counter-terrorism officials, discusses her remarkable and surprising  new book about how the facility was set up,  the challenges faced by the Obama administration in unwinding controversial Bush Administration detention policies,  and the most pressing counter-terrorism  issues faced by policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic.
Karen Greenberg’s new book “The Least Worst Place: How Guantanamo became the World’s Most Notorious Prison,”  tells the extraordinary story of how the camp was set up and  how its first military commander, tried and ultimately failed to stymie the Pentagon’s decision to implement a harsh new detainee policy and bypass the Geneva Conventions.
Karen Greenberg is the Executive Director of the New York University Center on Law and Security and the editor of numerous books,  including “The Torture Papers: The Road to Abu Ghraib.”  Peter Clarke was on his retirement from the Metropolitan Police in 2008, Britain’s top counter-terrorism police officer, responsible from 2002 for the conduct of all police counter terrorist operations in the United Kingdom, and worldwide where British interests were affected. From 2004 -2007 he was a member of the British government team negotiating with the government of the United States for the release of British citizens and residents from Guantanamo Bay.

The event will be chaired by Nick Fielding, the author of “Masterminds in Terror,” an authoritative guide to the 9/11 plot, who as a senior reporter for The Sunday Times covered the attacks’ aftermath and implications.