Media Talk: Talking to the enemy. NEW YORK

Talk Monday 16th April, 2007

The Frontline Club’s inaugural New York event examines whether the Western media’s deafness towards their countries’ sworn enemies is stifling the truth.
The event will be opened by Open Society Institute’s President Aryeh Neier at 6pm and followed by the "Talking to the Enemy” debate in association with the Overseas Press Club of New York.
Should the western media make greater efforts to talk to their governments’ proclaimed enemies including the Taleban, Al-Qaeda and Iraqi insurgents?  Is the American media engaging in self-censorship and making the same mistakes of the British media’s coverage of Northern Ireland? Does the truth suffer first in the war against terrorism?
The discussion will be moderated by Channel 4’s award winning presenter, and frequent Frontline Club moderator, Jon Snow. On his panel are:
Jon Alpert – Downtown Community Television Centre – winner of 4 Emmies for his documentary Baghdad ER.

Deborah Amos — NPR news. She covers Iraq and her reports can be heard on NPR’s award-winning Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Weekend Edition.
Roger Cohen – international writer at large for the New York Times.
David Loyn – BBC Developing World Correspondent and author of “Frontline: the true story of the British mavericks who changed the face of war reporting”. David recently had exclusive access to the Taleban in Afghanistan.
David Marash – David Marash Al Jazeera English presenter – formerly an award-winning correspondent for ABC News’ Nightline where he covered both global and US domestic issues

Robert Pollock – Wall Street Journal’s editorial features editor and winner of the 2006 Gerald Loeb Award for commentary.

Please book your place by emailing Lydia El Khouri.