Media Talk: Pakistan The Roots of Turmoil

Talk Monday 15th June, 2009

The military offensive against the Taliban near its border with Afghanistan has been viewed as critical for Pakistan’s credibility as the US steps up demands for increased effort in fighting terrorism.

In a new book Making Sense of Pakistan Dr Farzana Shaikh, associate fellow at Chatham House, claims that ultimately Pakistan’s ability to respond to demands that it “do more” to resist terrorism lies in its response to deeper issues about its identity and its relationship with Islam.

Join us at the Frontline to discuss Dr Farzana Shaikh’s claim that uncertainty about Pakistan’s identity lies at the heart of its social and political decline and that its leaders will only be able to combat terrorism once the country’s vexed relationship with Islam is resolved.

This event will be chaired by David Loyn, the BBC’s Developing World Correspondent.

Panel: Dr Farzana Shaikh, associate fellow, Asia Programme, Chatham House

Bronwen Maddox, chief foreign commentator, The Times

Victoria Schofield has been reporting as a writer and broadcaster on Pakistan and South Asia for thirty years.

Owen Bennett Jones, presenter, Newshour and The Interview, BBC World Service, was the BBC’s correspondent in Pakistan for three years till 2001