Media Talk: Lebanon – Civil War or Ceasefire? FULLY BOOKED

Talk Thursday 5th June, 2008

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Do recent developments in the region allow us to draw any conclusions about the future of Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Hizbollah and the wider Middle East?

Ian Black is The Guardian’s Middle East editor

Alistair Harris is an independent security consultant and former UK diplomat and UN staff member based in Lebanon. He is also involved in academia on issues relating to Lebanon, post-conflict stabilisation and peacebuilding.

Dr. Jonathan Spyer is a senior research fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs Center in Herzliya, Israel.  His commentary on Middle Eastern affairs is published regularly in the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz and the Guardian

Nicholas Noe is founder and editor-in-chief of the Beirut-based news translation service He was previously a news editor on the Lebanon Daily Star / Herald Tribune, and has written for numerous regional and international publications. He is also the editor of the recent book Voice of Hezbollah: The Statements of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (Verso).

Mohamed Chebaro is Bureau Chief for Al Arabiya News Channel in London. Throughout his career, he has covered instances of war, genocide, and forced migration, from Ethiopia to Kosovo and Rwanda to Afghanistan. He has reported on radicalisation and the root causes of terrorism. Mohamed was born in Lebanon, completed his studies at the American University of Beirut and then went on to complete his post-graduate degree at SOAS in London.