Media Talk: Iraq – Five years of Occupation

Talk Tuesday 18th March, 2008

Five years after the invasion and the beginning of the occupation, has the situation in Iraq changed for the better or worse. Who are the winners and losers of the Iraq war?

Our panel discusses the war, the occupation and the political situation in the country as well as the media coverage of this hugely important story.

John Fisher Burns was the New York Times Bureau Chief in Baghdad for five years, covering the period before the invasion and most of the occupation. He is the longest serving foreign journalist in Iraq. He is currently the paper’s London bureau chief.

Alastair Macdonald was Reuters Iraq Bureau Chief from June 2005 till February 2007. He also covered Iraq during the invasion and early occupation. He is currently Reuters Bureau Chief for Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Moderated by Nik Gowing – Main Presenter BBC World Television.