FULLY BOOKED Londongrad: From Russia With Cash

Talk Tuesday 24th November, 2009

Spending up to £64 million on a country retreat or £40,000 on having sushi flown to you from London for lunch in Azerbaijan is small potatoes to the 100 or so super-rich Russians who have made the capital their home since the mid 1990s.
Mark Hollingsworth and Stewart Lansley will be at the Frontline Club to talk about their investigation into the extraordinary lifestyles of the Russian oligarchs who built vast personal fortunes in Russia and moved to Britain following the dissolution of the Soviet Union to spend them, aided by generous tax laws. What have been the consequences of this move of the super-rich to the capital and of Britain’s remarkable compliance in this transfer of wealth?
Stewart Lansley is an award-winning television and radio producer and the author of a number of books including Top Man, a biography of Sir Philip Green.
Mark Hollingsworth has written for the Sunday Times, the Mail on Sunday and the Financial Times and is the author of Defending the Realm, Inside MI5.

With Susan Richards, editor, openDemocracy Russia